Music in schools. – Amici di Paganini
Amici di  Paganini
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Music in schools.

16 Jul 2023 -

Ever since the beginning of its activity, the Association wanted to bring the music and figure of Paganini to the children and the youth at the schools in Genoa, so that they would know their fellow citizen so very much appreciated in the world. In the twenty years between 1999 and 2019 there were 80 meetings, most of them in double shifts, in the schools of each district of the city, with the involvement of important artists as well (between 2009 and 2010 ten meetings were assisted by the executions of the Cremona Quartet, whose first violinist, Cristiano Gualco, is the current Artistic Director of the Association). The format in use is a meeting divided generally into two parts: the first is about the music, with particular reference to the emergence and development of the instruments from the earlier ages until today, the second is about Paganini with slide shows and live performances. Some time is also reserved for the active participation of the students, who can take part in certain performances with simple percussion instruments or rhythmical hand clapping or singing – sometimes the kids who play an instrument can join the performers.

After the disastrous years of the pandemic (2020-2021) the events for schools have been managed by the Paganini Centre, which created new formats, also available digitally, addressed to children, kids and anyone from grade school to the university.

Please consult the website of the Paganini Centre of the Friends of Paganini in order to access to the most up to date information about the ongoing and planned events.